Best of Photojournalism 2011-NPPA

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), has announced the winners of the Best Of Photojournalism 2011(BOP) for still photography.

Their Best of Show is a picture by Andrew McConnell taken for Panos pictures. I shared some of his work in this blog past November.

Lately in photojournalism it seems that (with the best of the intentions) the top international photojournalist awards go to images featuring death, pain, cruelty, blood, etc.  It's great to see NPPA has chosen as its top image, one that shows more than one side of life, poverty but also hope, destruction but also creation.

Congratulations to Andrew McConnell and to Panos pictures for this prize.
(Photo ©Andrew McConnell/Panos Pictures-All Rights Reserved)
I also want to congratulate to my wife Leslie Mazoch, a photo editor at the Associated Press' Latin America & Caribbean headquarters in Mexico City, who won 2nd place in the Sports Picture Story category with her Escaramuza pictures which I shared in this blog in January. 
(Photo ©Leslie Mazoch/AP-All Rights Reserved)
Leslie created an audio-slide show about this Mexican tradition. Please enter here:

To visit all the winners enter this link: