The Fighter: New Audio-Slide Show

"The Fighter" is an audio-slide show featuring images by Alberto Loranca, the student of a photography workshop for the blind and visually impaired at the Sight of Emotion organization where I recently lead a class. I interviewed Loranca for the audio and produced the final product. We met when I was working on my own audio-slide show about the photography school for the blind.

Alberto Loranca was born blind. In his photo essay, he uses a toy wrestler and a flash light to illustrate his reflexions on life, in particular the struggles people face to succeed. I discovered his pictures while organizing the association's photo archive of students's photography, and I asked him what he wanted to communicate. I liked the concept and his message, as it is simple and wise. This audio-slide show is different from others I've produced, as his voice is the only audio and his images are in black and white.

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(Photo ©Alberto Loranca/OQS-All Rights Reserved)
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