Let me have your eyes. Clown Merry Niko. Portrait Audio slide-show

When I work on audio-slide shows, I end up cutting interesting audio that I wish I could have included. They tend to be comments that are wise, which makes interviewing people so worthwhile for me personally, but that are unrelated to the story.

I'm happy to have finally figured out a way to share them. Starting with the story I did on the Laughter Fair organized by Latino Clown Brotherhood in Mexico City, I'll be taking unused audio and pairing it with a few portraits of the person speaking, creating short audio-slide show "portraits."

"Let me have your eyes" is about Leida Jimenez, clown "Merry Niko," who tells us about an interesting experience she had while performing for school children.  Leida lives in Villahermosa, in the state of Tabasco in southern Mexico.

To see "Let me have your eyes" please click here: www.chicosanchez.com/letmehaveyoureyes
(Photo ©Chico Sanchez-All Rights Reserved)
Here is the original audio-slide show from the Clown convention : www.chicosanchez.com/clowns