Sports in Motion - Blind and Visually Impaired Photo Workshop Projects

I'm sharing my latest audio slide-show production: Sight in Motion, a story about sports and athleticism, photographed and recorded by twelve blind and visually impaired photographers. 

The photographers, who are participating in programs run by the Sight of Emotion organization, took pictures of people playing sports in their neighborhoods as well as Paralympic athletes. 

In the interview, Laura Ramos, a blind student graduating soon with a university degree in journalism who plans to be a sports journalist, explains how blind and visually impaired people experience and perceive sports, compared to a seeing person. The interview was recorded by Gerardo Ramirez, one of the participating photographers.

To watch and listen to the project, please click here:
(Photo ©Palmira Martinez/Ojos Que Sienten -All Rights Reserved)
I've collaborated with other blind and visually impaired photographers from 
Sight of Emotion, in similar projects such as My Eyes, The Fighter, Organ Grinder
Riding Blind and Mexico City Soundscapes.

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