Mexico Invisible - Museo Franz Mayer - Chico Sanchez Audio-Slide Shows with Ojos que Sienten

Photographer Chico Sanchez audio-slide shows displayed in the Franz Mayer museum in Mexico City.
(Photo ©Eduardo Romero/OQS-All Rights Reserved)
I want to invite you to visit Mexico Invisible, a photography exhibit at the Franz Mayer museum in Mexico City. The exhibit was inspired by a letter written by Mexican philanthropist Manuel Arango called Mexico Invisible and displays pictures made by blind and visually impaired photographers from the workshops at Ojos que Sienten along with almost all of the audio-slide shows I produced with some of the photographers.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Nov. 23
and it will be open until January 27 next year 2013. Click here to find a map to get there.

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