On the Other Side of the Dream

Al Otro Lado del Sueño. Fotos  de Nicola Okin Frioli. Chico Sanchez blog
(Photo ©Nicola "Okin" Frioli-All Rights Reserved)

I want to share "Al Otro Lado del Sueño" or "On the Other Side of the Dream," a series of portraits of Central American migrants traveling toward the U.S. by Italian photographer Nicola Okin Frioli. Divided in two parts, this project  helps us better understand the reason why those who migrate choose to do so, risking their lives in such a dangerous journey, and the problems they confront while moving north.

To visit Al Otro Lado del Sueño Part I click here.
To visit Al Otro Lado del Sueño Part II click here.

Its the second time I feature Nicola Okin in this blog, I shared also a serie of portraits of clowns you can see clicking here.

To know more about the work of Nicola Okin please enter here: www.okinreport.net