What I saw on the plane

Iberia's magazine

Days ago I returned home to Mexico from a nearly two month visit to Spain to visit family and work on new stories.

On the flight back I was flipping through Iberia's company magazine and spotted one of my pictures published double truck! 

It was a photograph I took of a woman dancing flamenco, and carried the story title "Spain Alive" (España Viva). It has a Corbis credit, which licensed it from Aurora Photos, one of the photo agencies that distributes my pictures.

The image is from my audiovisual "The Angel" about flamenco music, that describes "The Angel," also known also as "el duende," which is a kind of spirit. It refers to a presence or trance that occurs during flamenco jam sessions which I've actually experienced first hand, years ago when I was a musician. Here is the image that was published in their magazine.
(Photo © Chico Sanchez - All Rights Reserved)
An important part of Flamenco is loosing its ancestral roots and is becoming an empty entertainment show, so I decided to do this story to show its spiritual and magical side. Today Flamenco is a misunderstood art, mostly due to it's commercial exhibits which doesn't maintain its essence.
Below is the audio-slide show The Angel for which this picture was made.