World! You stay there! I'm leaving...

Past December 11, one day before her birthday Isabel Alarcón "Chabelita" died in the home for the elderly of the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe owned by the Hermanas Vicentinas in México City. It was one day before her one hundred years birthday. 
I think she just wanted to reach one hundred, no more. In the image I'm sharing she is giving a toast during her 100's birthday party. It was great to be present in this magic day. Chabelita dressed her favorite clothes and started dancing and singing.

In honour to Isabel Alarcón I want to share the audio-slide show I did with the knowledge of this great person. She explain us what she thought about life and death. Speaking about dying she said "World! You stay there! I'm leaving...World! You stay there! It's there for others who are born." According to Chabelita when you are afraid to die God calls you first. It could be that her longevity was a product of not beein afraid of dying?

I would like you to see this documentary that shares the wisdom of the wonderful old lady Isabel Alarcón, Chabelita.

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(Photo ©Chico Sanchez-All Rights Reserved)
Homes for elderly people are places full of wisdom and great schools of living because the people that live in this places have always things very important to tell us. Visiting these elderly people in this homes makes them very happy and in gratitude for your company and your time they share with you all their knowledge and experience. If you have a Home for the Elderly close to your home please go there, you don't regret it. 
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