Riding Blind - Blind and Visually Impaired Photo Workshop Projects

I'm sharing an audio-slide show featuring pictures by Raul Lopez Esquivel, a blind man who learned to take pictures at a Sight of Emotion workshop that offers photography workshops for the blind and visually impaired.

Lopez, who was born blind, photographed Paseo a Ciegas (Riding Blind), an initiative that takes people with special needs on bike rides using tandems along the main avenues of Mexico City every Sunday. I helped with the audio and production.

To see the audio slide show click here: http://www.chicosanchez.com/ridingblind
(Photo ©Raul Lopez/OQS-All Rights Reserved)

Similar to this project, I've collaborated with other blind and visually impaired photographers from Sight of Emotion, such as "My Eyes," "The Fighter," and "Organ Grinder." Currently I'm working on a very interesting project with four blind and visually impaired photographers which I'll be sharing soon. 

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