Bitter Sugar: By Esteban Felix

I want to share an important multimedia piece about dying sugar cane workers, appropriatly titled "Bitter Sugar," from Nicaragua by Associated Press photojournalist Esteban Felix.

He recounts what it was like to meet a community of people dying from an epidemic kidney disease that is killing thousands of people anually in Central America. The five minute story shows never seen before video shot by Felix while on assignment in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, along with his photographs and a sit down interview with him.

According to the story, between 2000 and 2012, this disease has killed over 24,000 people in El Salvador and Nicaragua alone, the two countries most afected in Central America. Furthermore, this disease is killing farm workers world wide. To watch it click here.
Multimedia production about kidney disease in Nicaragua. Photography & Video.
(Ap photo/Esteban Felix)
Happy to be Alive is another photo story by Esteban Felix that 
I have recommended in this blog before click here to watch it.