Canine Miracles. A sanctuary for dogs. Audio-slide show

This audio-slide show tells the story of dogs that live in a sanctuary created just for them: dogs that were abused and/or abandoned, coined "Milagros Caninos," or Canine Miracles. The sanctuary gives shelter to dogs with a wide range of health challenges: old age, cancer, blindness, deafness, paralysis from being run over by a car, tortured, raped, dogs forced to fight or drugged.

This four minute audiovisual shares the story of just two of the 500 dogs that have been cared for at Milagros Caninos, overcoming physical damage caused by abusive owners, but that now live a normal and healthy life, thanks to Patricia Ruiz who opened the shelter in Mexico City's Xochimilco area. During the making of the story, Ruiz reflected that "We can always move on, be happy, be content and say yes to life," as she reflected on what her dogs have taught her over the years.

The economic situation at the shelter is not stable, and is on the verge of closing, due to lack of money for dog food and veterinarian care. You can help it stay open by donating money. Their website has a "donar," or "donate" button on the main page:

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Milagros Caninos. Audio, photography and production by Chico Sanchez
(Photo ©Chico Sanchez -All Rights Reserved)
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