Agrochemicals in Argentina by Natacha Pisarenko

I want to share a photo story on the affects of agrochemicals in northern Argentina by Associated Press photographer Natacha Pisarenko. The pictures are accompanied by a story, co-written with Michael Warren. 

This is a piece of real photojournalism. Their investigation informs people about a the very real problem of agrochemicals that affects all our kitchen tables.

Pisarenko´s work gives a voice to the farmers and their children suffering the consequences of industrial farming: high rates of disease, instead of the usual political and business-based viewpoint. This story opens ones eyes to see that the problem of agrochemicals isn´t confined to the farming communities of the world. We are eating the food they produce, and it´s logically poisoned too.

To read the story enter this link:
Aixa Cano, 5, who has hairy moles all over her body that doctors can't explain, sits on a stoop outside her home in Avia Terai, in Chaco province, Argentina. Although it’s nearly impossible to prove, doctors say Aixa’s birth defect may be linked to agrochemicals. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Last year in Nicaragua, AP photographer Esteban Felix also reported a health related story about sugar cane workers who are dying at alarming rates, probably for the same reason that these Argentine farmers are: toxic chemicals. You can see Esteban Felix´s story here.