Mexico Invisible - Sofia Arsenal. Museum for Contemporary Art. Chico Sanchez audio-slide shows with Ojos que Sienten

The Fighter. (Photo ©Alberto Loranca/OQS-All Rights Reserved)
Some of my audiovisuals related to photography made by blind photographers will be on exhibit during a photo festival a the Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria in November 2013. The photographers are blind or visually impaired who have taken photo workshops at the Ojos que Sienten association. It's been a great honor to work with them over the years, as they have taught me the real meaning of communicating with our cameras.

Below is a playlist with all the audio-slide shows I produced with the photographers
of Ojos que Sienten. Most of them will be projected at the Sofia museum.

 To know more about Ojos que Sienten organization visit their website at